Sola: Embarrassed?

Everything was a little blurry, I wasn't sure what wass happening. And then I suddenly became aware of someone's lips on mine. At first I thought it might have been Break but the lips were the wrong shape. My vision cleared for a second. Sparx. My fist connected with his jaw, producing a sickening crunch though I'm not sure if that belonged to me or him. The cocky ass had the nerve to laugh, as if I'd tapped him instead of punching him square in the jaw. I glared at him. He grinned at me. Something tells me he thought it was an evil grin but to me it just looked arrogant.

"I haven't embarrassed you, have I?" he said sarcastically, giving a smug little smile that showed off his stupid pointy demon teeth. What I wouldn't have given to knock them out of his mouth.

I glared at him again, harder this time, and stormed off in to the forest. Regan had disappeared off somewhere with Jane, no doubt celebrating his new freedom, and there wasn't a chance in hell I was staying within five feet of Sparx. Because, the truth of it was...he had embarrassed me. At first, when I'd thought it was Break, I'd started to respond. That was the only way I noticed the lips were the wrong shape and I could only hope Sparx hadn't picked up on it. I could feel my cheeks burning as I walked. Stupid demon, who does he think he is anyway? I've killed plenty of his kind, I could take him down in five seconds flat. Maybe I should get Regan to make him stay away from me. No, I can't rely on Regan anymore, I have to look after myself now. Not that I didn't before, but it was nice knowing I had Regan as back up.

I could see the Hotel getting closer and began to wonder what I'd missed in my absence. For all I know, an elf could've turned up and I wouldn't know. I slowly made my way back and what did I see when I walked through the door? That's right. An elf.

The End

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