Jane: Kiss and Fight

Okay, don't ask me why we always end up fighting after we've kissed we just do. It's in my human nature... or shapeshifter nature..... maybe immortal.... oh you know what I mean.

I bring my fist up hard and Regan tumbles back. He gets into a crouch and a smile plays on his lips.

Then he springs and I jump to the side. He hits hits head on a tree and I wince. That has gotta hurt. He gets up one hand rubbing his head.

He steps to the right so I jump left but he was planning on that and he grabs my wrists.

He pulls me towards him and I try to kick out but he steps lightly on my feet holding them down.

"I win" he whispers, his breath cold against my face.

"Seems you did" I mutter trying to keep it steady and calm. Which is the exact opposite of how I am. My heart is racing and my skin tingles where Regan touches me.

I'm an idiot to have gone and fallen for the same guy. The one who I ran away from.

But no one can fight feelings, even Regan. He leans close and I turn my head left.

"Why is it me you like Regan?" I ask.

"Cause you were always out of bounds if it was not Break keeping you away you were fighting me yourself. You pull me Jane, its like you add a tiny touch of life to me"

I look up at him and knows he means it. I sigh and tilt my neck but he does something I don't expect he kisses me.

We back up to a tree and he hold me there. "It's not just your blood I want" he whispers against my cheek.

The End

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