Mark: A Vampire Hunting Elf?

I walked slowly down the stairs, hand in hand with Tallie. There were a group of people surrounding something. An... Elf? I could smell the woodsy scent that I recognised. I ran down with inhuman speed. Tallie got a bit ahead of herself, and tripped. I caught her before she fell. The Elf jumped when i zoomed into the crowd. And then her expression became angry.

"A-are you a Vampire?" She asked,

"Yeah." I replied. She closed her eyes, breathing in slowly.

"Are you a Great Vampire?" She asked,


"He's not just great, he's perfect." Tallie exclaimed with a smile,

"She didn't mean that." I told her, "No. I'm not a Great Vampire. Just a regular one." Her expression softened,

"The regular kind is very rare." She said. I shrugged,

"I wouldn't know."

"How come?"

"I don't meet many people." She looked around, gesturing to everyone.

"Well, I never used to." I corrected myself.

The End

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