Sparx: Death Glares from Sola

It all happened too fast for me to think. One moment I was gaping at the elf on the floor, the next Jane had me by the scruff of the neck and had towed me over to Sola and demanded I kiss her. Judging by the look on her face, she wasn't kidding.

And who was I to decline the option of annoying Sola. Even the bruise on my throbbing jaw was worth it.

However, something in the glare Sola shot at me told me I'd made an enemy. I grinned evilly and wiggled my eyebrows suggestively.

"I haven't embarrased you have I?" I said sarcastically, grinning a sharp-toothed smile.

Sola gave me the Death Glare to end all Death Glares and stormed off, her face crimson. I watch her, thinking victory thoughts and feeling rather pleased with myself. Yes I might get dismembered if I do anything like that again, but any excuse to annoy Whinging Sola is great for me.

I turned and walked off into the trees. Regan had disappeared with Jane and whatever was irritating me was gone. Leaving only the mild tingling of the elf's presence to disturb my mind.

Speaking of which, I wondered, did she say something about a Greater Vampire... 

The End

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