Jane: Shock her

I drag Sparx through the forest Regan watching an eyebrow  raised. "I need to what?" Sparx asks.

"Shock Sola by kissing her cause she's in relapse" I say, I look back at him. "She'll hate you for it"

We reach where Sola is and Sparx sighs. "What have I got to lose?" he says shrugging. Then grabbing hold of Sola he kisses her.

After that all I remeber was Sola fist hitting Sparx jaw, the Sparx just laughing like it was playfight.

"That went well" Regan says. "Why Sparx?"

"Sola hates Sparx" I say folding my arms.

"Um, Jane can we talk?" he whispers. "In private"

"As long as you swear not to bite me" I say looking at him.

"I swear unless I have you permission" he whispers. Then we walk off deeper into the woods.

"What is it you want to-" Regan cuts me off pressing him lips down on mine and wrapping his arms tiltly round my waist. Okay, this is becoming way more than a habit.

I close my eyes and grab his shirt pulling my body close to his. So much for a talk.

The End

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