Ravyn: Well This is Embarassing...

I came round, groaning to the sensation of something prodding me in the side.

"You know, thats really painful" I muttered, getting up slowly. I ached all over from the beating I had received. At least my major wounds had healed enough for me to stand. When I straightened up, I saw a crowd of various races staring at me. Not good...so much for low profile...

I realised that what had been prodding me was the tail of a demon. I looked at him "There are other ways of telling if someone is alive other than prodding them"

A couple of the people looked awed. I remembered that the Fey were legendry amongst some of these people.. I rolled my eyes.

"Nothing to be impressed about folks, I'm a Hunter like you lot. A group of us just got on the wrong side of a Greater Vampire. I don't know where the others are, but they are probably being chased or dead by now. I lost the vampire but I don't know how well since I was injured. Someone might want to check that. I know you all will probably have questions, but as you might have noticed, I am quite badly injured still. If you don't mind, can I get to a bed?"

I was met with stunned silence. I admit I was fairly embarassed at being found unconcious on the floor so I did kind of hit them with a lot. They all just looked at each other and at me. I tried not to fidget with the awkward silence.

The End

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