Sparx: Twinges

As I sulked in my corner, immersed in a dark vat of self-pity, something twinged at my senses. I straightened up, trying to locate the source of the twinging so as to hunt it down and get rid of it.

Much to my dismay however, I found two.

One was from somewhere off in the distance, and it was the larger of the two. There was more power involved and something big was definately going on.

The latter and smaller of the two disturbances was coming from much closer. From the bottom floor of the Hotel. It was small and probably fairly placid, but it was a disturbance none the less. I got up and started to make my way towards it, tail whipping angrily around like a crazed snake.

Damn these irritating magical disturbances! Why can't they just bog off and annoy someone else. I.E. NOT ME!

I decided to deal with the one downstairs first. Not only was it the smaller and less volatile of the two, but dealing with it would allow me to get a closer view of the second.

It would also save me another tiring run into the woods. Call me lazy, but I'd had enough physical activity for one day.

I reached the room where the disturbance was coming from, ready to brain whatever it was that was annoying me, when I stopped dead. The shadow-being and the soul-eater were standing over an unconscious figure on the floor. I slipped up behind them and prodded the thing cautiously with my tail. It moaned and I recognised it for what it was. I blinked confusedly and looked at the others.

"Could someone please tell me what is going on? And why is there an elf on the floor in here?"

The End

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