Jane: Attack

As soon as they disappear Break attack. I jump and vault his head then turn my foot smashing into his skull.

He falls to the floor and rolls in to a crouch.

"What do you really want Break?" I hiss.

"You already know what I want" he says smiling.

"Yeah and the picture I see doesn't have a nice ending for me or Sola only you" I hiss at him.

He lunges and I turn my body so he shoots past. He tumbles then turns round in a crouch just in time for my foot to connect with his face.

"You've learned to fight really well" he says spitting blood into his hand then licking it up. I grimance. They're's so many types of wrong to discribe that.

"You harm me and Regan will bite your head off" I hiss.

"You and Regan seem tense at the moment.... What happened?" Break asks tilting his head and smiling.

"He did try to turn me but not for your gain. I escaped and ran" I say my eyes glazing over at the memory.

Break attacks and I vault his head then kick out backwards. Before turning and slamming my fist into his stomach.

He doubles over and I step back a few.

"Seems like you still got it bad for each other though" he gasps through his pain.

"Yeah, well I fell in love with someone who was turned to living-dead. I'd never thought it be easy" I says before doing a straight front up kick to his face.

The End

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