Sola: Waiting

"I had to give you to him in the hope he would do what I asked. Unfortunately not" said Break.

He looked exactly as I remembered him, he hadn't aged a day. I stared at him in shock, partly because of the things he was saying, partly because I couldn't believe I'd managed to summon him. The first time I tried I got his younger, and less powerful, brother Ezio. He was impressed that I was even trying and gave me some tips. Apparently the Fathers bear a grudge against each other now.

"B...Break?" I manage to say after a while.

The look of general smugness on his face dissipated and was replaced with a warm smile.

"Break... Why.... Jane...." I stammered as memory after memory opened up.

"Don't even speak to him, Sola! Both of you, just run! I'll deal with Break" Regan said icily.

"Why are you doing this, Break? This isn't you. This isn't-" I said, ignoring Regan.

Break's smile faltered a little and his eyes seemed to darken. "Because you left, Isabella. I gave you my heart and you left with him," he pointed harshly at Regan, "I offered you freedom but a different freedom to what you expected. I offered to rewrite time, make you an immortal so we could live out the ages together. But you came to me and asked for a different freedom. And who was I to deny you that which I had promised so often? I let you leave and felt my heart break as I watched you walk away". He sounded more like the Break I knew.

"Stop lying" Jane snapped. "You told me you couldn't care less about her".

"Yes, Jane, because to me you were the nobility. And the nobility do not consort with their servants. And you believed me. You always believed what I said without question".

"All you ever told me was lies! I didn't know any better than to believe you!" she shouted.

Break was about to speak but I spoke first. "That... That's not true. I saw a side of Break he kept hidden from the world. Everyone else saw him as a lying, manipulative lord who was too afraid to do his own dirty work, but that isn't him. Not really. He loved you like a daughter, something he could never have".

Break smiled and I felt myself smiling back. Regan looked like he wanted to be sick and Jane just stared at me in disbelief.

"Sola, don't believe a word he says. The kind man he showed you was just another lie" she pleaded.

“Jane, all it takes is a little faith. Think about it, if Break couldn’t give you to Schneider because Regan bit you, why would he send you to him now?”

“A little faith” Regan said, as if he was realizing something. “Sola, if all it takes is a little faith, meet me in the orchard. I think I can still get there”.

“What orchard? What, you’re just gonna take off and leave me on my own with that?” Jane sounded a little hysterical.

That has a name” I managed to say before the woods around me started to fade, replacing itself with a sunny apple orchard.

“Very well, Regan, we will wait for you” I heard Break say before the woods were gone completely.

The End

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