Jane: Immortal

"What's happening?" I shout as Sola stares shocked at Regan.

"I called Break" she whispers.

"Hol- He's taken his body" I hiss. I stand in front of Regan.

"Why dearest Jane please move?" Regans lips move but all I hear is Break's voice.

"No" I spit. "Leave her alone"

"But Regan said to call him" Sola whispers.

"Yes, but if Break's in Regan's body he can do anything with out consiquences" I tell her turning my head to see her shocked face.

"How do we get him out?" Sola whispers.

"We have to jolt Break out by giving Regan a shock of his life time" I say fidgeting.

"Do you know how?" she asks.

"Yes, but I don't really want to" I mutter.

"We need to" Sola shouts. I groan then grab Regan t-shirt and force my lips on his. I watch Break fall out and pull away. I wipe my mouth and turn on him.

"Damn you women" he mutters. "Regan should have never had you, your to fine"

"Yeah, well I'm the best shapeshifter there is so" I shrug.

"You kissed me" Regan mutters and I groan. "Willingly"

I see a smile form on his face.

"Yes now get over it" I hiss, I turn to Break. "It's me you want ain't it, that's why you hid the codes and patterns in Sola. You'd never thought she'd get away"

"That's right" he says smiling.

"Why?" I say shaking my head.

"Regan knows" he says. I turn and look at him seeing worry in his eyes.

"Your the last immortal Shapehshifter just like he's the last of his" Regan whispers. "He was going to give you to Baron Schneider..... not me"

"But why?" I whisper.

"Cause Baron would turn you then return you but unluckily Regan bit you first so..... I had to give you to him in the hope he would do what I asked. Unfortunatly not"

The End

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