Aura: Did you Hear That?

I walked upstairs looking for any new bodies I had yet to meet. At the top of the stairs, I ran into the one thing I was least expecting.

            “A Shadowbeing!?” I exclaimed when the girl turned to look at me. I immediately filtered through her thoughts – after all, I AM a very conscious being, always searching for danger… though most of the time I go looking for it.

            “Tasmia, is that your name?” I ask the girl.

            “Yea, it is soul-eater, what’s yours?”

            I smirk at her. “Aura. What are you doing up here…” I listen to the sounds inside the room beside us, “… outside of the vampires room?”

            “For your information, I was just walking around in the shadows!”

            Of course. She IS a shadowbeing after all.

            “Okay, well… I’m off to look for a place to crash for the night.” I start walking for the closest empty, unoccupied room when I feel a cool hand grab my arm.

            “Wait. Mind if I bunk with you?”

            Great… what should I say!? I was really hoping to room with Sparx. Just the thought of the beautiful demon sent chills down my spine.

            “I guess. What do you say we try and find some people to talk to?”

            Tasmia nods her head excitedly. We walk back down the stairs talking about nothing in particular. But about half way downstairs, I hear a thud. It was almost as though someone collapsed on the floor below us. Tasmia turns toward me.

            “Did you hear that?”

            I grab her arm and start to run down the rest of the stairs and come to a halt when I see an elf at our feet.

The End

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