Regan: A Fine Young Woman

Sola believed me, Jane didn't. How handy. Jane was the one who needed saving the most and she wasn't listening to me. With Jane's blood in me I could fight Break's power a little more. I gripped my head as another wave of pain coursed through my brain. I staggered to my knees and looked up at Jane. She was glaring at me.

You know your orders, Regan, don't fight me a voice whispered in my head.

"Shut your mouth, Break! I know what you are!" I bellowed into the forest.

Hush, Regan, this will all be over soon. As long as you do what you were told.

"What do you want, Break? You convince me Sola means nothing to you but I've seen her memories. I kept them when she wanted to forget the damage you did".

How is Isabella? From what I can see in your mind she has blossomed into a fine young woman.

"Talk about her like that again and I'll kill you". Another wave of pain stabbed through me.

You know you can't kill me, Regan. Only an immortal can do that and I'm sure you know from experience that my brothers and I are hard to kill.

"Ha, Caleb didn't last so long on his own. What's to say you will?"

You forget, dear boy, that I have been on my own for centuries. And I must say, it is a lonely existence, that of the Fathers of Time.

"So marry a vampire. What do Sola and Jane have to do with it?"

I have lived a long time, Regan, and I found interest within your dear Sola. As for Jane, you know full well what she has to do with this. You were not her intended, as you would have her believe. She was to go to-

"Baron Schneider, I know. But you must have known what he was going to do to her!"

I am sorry but it seems our time has run out. I must pay a visit to little Isabella, I'm sure she's missed me.

The pain in my head suddenly stopped. Jane was watching me with one eyebrow raised. "Who the hell are you talking to?" she asked me like I was crazy.

"Break. He's..." the pain returned once more and I felt myself pushed back to Sola's memories again. Break was controlling my body. "Sweet little Jane, it's been such a long time. Your intended wishes to see you" I heard myself say before I ended up back in the orchard.

The End

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