Ravyn: Arriving

She weakly pushed the door open and staggered through the door. The hall was empty. She is slim and two half-swords are strapped to her back. She is tall for her folk, but her pointed ears betray her as an elf, one of the Fey Folk. She is beautiful, dark auburn-brown hair, and brilliant emerald eyes that glow with a hidden fire. Although now her eyes are clouded with pain. Her close black clothes cling to her body around her side and on one leg, where there is a tear in the cloth. The wound is visible and its deep. She is breathing harshly, and limping, clutching her side. The cloth there is darker, but her arm covers any wound that might be there. It is clear she has been fighting. She is white from the pain and shaking. She manages to reach the middle of the room before collapsing. She lies still, barely breathing.


I ran to the nearest shelter I could find, aware that if I was caught in the open, I would be killed. Ironically, the Hunter had become hunted. Not many people could get the better of me, but this guy could. Like vampires, elves are stronger, faster and more agile than humans. We have better endurance too. What sets our species apart (other than feeding habits) is that all elves are acutely attuned to their surroundings, and can sense life forms, as well as touch their minds (if they have them) if we wanted to. We can project thoughts or images to another, but elfin etiquette directed the use of that heavily. Some, like me, we free to use these powers as we needed. We were the Hunters for our race, protecting our kind from those who could destroy us. The Fey Folk (our proper title) are a proud but endangered race, living on the edge of legend. Few people have genuinely met a Fey and lived. We have few friends, and live to thousands of years old without our bodies agein beyond 20. We remember the Wars when it was each race for themsleves, and our kind was betrayed, nearly destroyed. It makes it hard to trust.

A Greater Vampire, the strongest kind, had turned against us a while ago, a leftover from the Wars. The elite Hunters of the Elves had been sent against him. Including me. As far as I could tell, I was the only one still running. He had gone after a handfull of us, but I knew that unless I got somewhere for night, he would get me too. He would not rest until we were all dead, because elves had killed his mate in the Wars. I was badly injured, from the fight. I barely made it into the hall when I collapsed, exhausted. I struggled to stay concious, and could vaguely hear voices coming my way. Then things went black.

The End

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