Jane: Love.... deffinetly

"Regan, Why?" I says pacing angrily. We had stopped running when Regan had gripped his head in pain.

"Because of Break" he says shrugging.

"Oh, yeah you swore loyalty and hid Sola's memories cause of Break"

"He want's you dead and Sola back, Jane" he says leaning back against the tree.

"I'm not his anymore and I am neither yours" I say folding my arms angrily.

He stands straight and walks over. I step back and hit a tree.

"I won't hurt you Jane..... I never wanted to" he whispers his face getting closer.

"Then why did you try to change me?" I hiss.

"I didn't want to lose you" he whisper then presses his lips on mine. I stare shocked then slowly close my eyes and wrap my amrs up round his neck.

"Tasteful" he whispers and I tilt my head to the side. I feel his fangs sink in.

Love...... deffinetly.

The End

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