Jane: Revealed

"All these problems could have bee avoided if you hadn't left" he says shrugging.

I turn into a wolf and growl but he just laughs. "It true, I stole her memories" he says smiling.

I turn back. "But why she was no threat to you?" I hiss.

"She had the right things I needed to find you" I say shrugging. "Don't you remember the Day Breakias let you go" he says smiling.

"He put in her" I gasp.

"Mm-Hmm, all seven notes and cordinates of your travel pattern" he whispers.

"And now everythings been revealed"  he turns to Sola. "Time is precious and life is dusk, I peformed my task to master must"

Then I watch as the coller on his neck breaks off and Sola pass out, from memory overload. He throws the coller in the air then catches it.

"Breakias was very simpathetic to your loss" he says smiling at me. My eyes grow wide and I turn morfing to a cheater as I do. I take off at full speed.

The End

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