Sparx: Having a Sulk

I stalked back to the Hotel after Jane ran off, snarling irritably and lashing out at any small furry woodland creature that got too close. I swear if looks could have killed, Medusa'd have looked like a beauty queen next to me.

Expect more? What does she think I am some disobedient schoolboy? I'm a bleeding demon for heck's sake, not some fallen angel with a conscience problem.

I rolled my eyes and slashed at a tree with my tail, leaving some considerable slash marks in the bark. Females, I thought darkly, why they were created I have no idea.

Nature's biggest mistake. Ever.

I arrived back at the Hotel pretty soon and stalked in through the door. Sola and Regan were gone and Mark was probably upstairs with his human. I wondered if she'd died yet, cause by my reckoning she seemed pretty close to it.

But did I care?

I didn't give a peanut.

Still muttering like a grumpy old man I slid upstairs and found a vacant room, passing by the room Mark was in. Feeling irritable, I gave a lewd gesture as I passed.

Typically, Mark was too infatuated with his snack to see. I huffed and walked on.

Upon reaching the room, I found a convenient corner and slid down into the small neash there.

I then proceeded to immerse myself in self pity and have a good long wallow in some serious selfish misery. Feeling sorry for myself for just about everything that had happened that day, from being flung into the door to being snubbed by Jane, even Sola's whinging on the hunt.

Self-pity is a great healer.

The End

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