Mark: Decision Time.

I looked down at Tallie's lifeless body. Her long black hair was sprawled out on the floor, and her body was bent, her hand- in a fist- was by her head. I grabbed it in two of mine, and rubbed it. Decision time. If I changed her, she could turn on me. But she would still be with me. What to do? I bent down, and whispered in her ear:

"I love you." Just before kissing her. Then, I dipped my finger in a vial of Holy Water that I always carry around with me, and began writing words with my Holy Finger in all different languages; Arabic, Chinese, Japanese. And then I lifted her onto the bed, and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Then the changes started. Her face grew paler, and- if it was even possible- more beautiful; her eyelashes grew, framing her perfect eyes, wich were now a turquoisey- green colour. Her lips became fuller, and redder. And then she gasped, and threw herself off the bed. Sh coughed a few times, and then her eyes got some emotion back.

"Wha-what h-happened?" She stuttered,

"I'm so sorry." I replied, my eyes teary,

"Why?" She asked in a musical voice.

"You- well, you're a- a Vampire." I explained. Her eyes widened.

The End

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