Jane: Servant of Break

"Jane" I looked down at the human. I was perched high in a tree after my little talke with Sparx

"Ah, um I forgot your name" I mutter.

"Sola, Jane do you remember a person called Break?" she asks.

I frown trying to consentrate. "Was he a vamp?" I ask. Sola nods.

"Then you must be talking about Breakias Mortamo" I say shrugging. "A nice person at heart, if he had one"

"Do you remember a serving girl of his?" Sola asked. Why was she asking me this?

"Um, I remember a Abbie, a Catherine and his personal favorite Isabelle" I say shrugging. "It was a long time ago"

"I'm Isabelle" Sola mutters.

"What?" I shout almost falling out of the tree. I tranforms into a Monkey and hang by tail.

"My gosh" I gasp.

"I only just remembered... you were there and Regan" she whispers. I transform in to a human and land on my feet.

"Well, that's where I met Regan actually" I say shrugging. "But you Isabelle? I remember when you wouldn't so much as step outside in fear of Break"

"What were you doing their?" She asks. I sigh and lean back on the tree.

"He raised me before handing me off to Regan"

"Did he feed from you?"

"No, he wouldn't have given me to Regan if I was used" I mutter and pretnd to be sick.

"You don't like your past do you?"

"Not really but you should tell Regan your Isabelle, he'll be to france and back to fetch Break. If your still alive you belong to him and Break could order you to set Regan free. That would ruin my day"

The End

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