Sola: A Memory Of Jane?

I could see the light from the hotel in the distance. I didn't want to stray too far in case I couldn't find my way back. In all honesty, it was Regan who did most of the work finding the hotel in the first place. I ambled through the trees, trying to remember my past. The dark trees started to glow. I'd slipped into my memories a few times before and never really found anything worthwhile but this time I felt like I was going to find something...

                        *                                      *                                     *

I could see myself. I was younger, roughly thirteen, and dressed in a smart uniform of some kind. I was walking towards a smartly dressed young man, sat underneath a blossoming apple tree. He wore a black trench coat, a black waistcoat and a crisp white shirt. He had silver-white hair and mismatched eyes. One, the right eye, was the colour of plum wine. The other was icy blue. A tiny mole sat just underneath the blue eye. I reached him and curtseyed. He nodded, barely acknowledging my presence, and went back to whatever he was doing. I peered over his shoulder and caught a glimpse of some music notes before he folded up the paper he was writing on.

"Ah, Isabella, punctual as ever" he said with a smile. It was kind but somehow cruel.

"Yes, sir" I said, without looking him in the eye.

"I trust you know why I asked for you to meet me".

"No, sir, I was just told to meet you".

Whoever the man was laughed. "How many times have I asked you to call me Break, Isabella?"

"You are my master, sir. It would be improper of me to call you by your name".

The man, Break, was about to speak when he was interupted by a familiar face. Regan. He muttered something at Break and nodded once he had gotten a response. Regan marched off without so much as a second glance in my direction. If only the idiot knew he'd be under my control in a few years time. Break's hand was on my shoulder, the other holding my chin so my face was pointed up at his.

"Isabella, for a servant you really are such a tease. The reason I called you here was to propose that you become my personal servant. Regan is proving to be a little...uncooporative with certain affairs".

"It isn't for me to decide, sir" I said, keeping my gaze down. Apparantly looking into his eyes was out of line.

And while Break said something, trying once more to get me to look him in the eye, I saw another face I recognised. But, it couldn't have been her, could it? In the first memory of my past I saw skipping through the orchard in a posh looking dress... Jane.

The End

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