Jane: Ow

I step out of my room with my book to find Regan against the wall, Mark leaning over his girlfriend and the demon cursing at a fleeing suicidal. I don't think the notice I've just come out.

"What's up with her?" Sparx mutters.

A silence decends. Then Regan speaks "you should probably turn her"

Mark glares and I bring my book down hard on Regan's head.

He yowl and I smile when he turns to look angrily at me.

I walk over to the human and look over her body trying to detect differance.

"She has internal bleeding from two broken ribs" I tell him. "Regan did actually say something smart for a change"

"Hey" he shouts. Mark looks back down at the the human then leans down. I grab Sparx by the arm and pull him over to where Regan is.

The End

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