Regan: Melon

I was in the kitchen when I heard the commotion, just harmlessly trying to find something to eat. I'd just settled on a melon slice when I heard the sound of glass smashing. I bolted upstairs, part of me wondering if it was Sola making one of her famous dramatic entrances which normally ended up with me saving her ass from one thing or another. But when I get upstairs what do I find? Mark cowering over his human and what I can only assume was the demon's true form shouting at...air. It turned to face Mark and his human. She wasn't breathing. I bit into the melon slice and watched. I wasn't sure if any of them knew I was there.

"What's up with her?" the demon asked.

I bit into the melon again, waiting for Mark's response. When he didn't say anything I spoke up.

"You should probably turn her"

I finished off the last of the melon, feeling the juice dribble over my chin, and got the glare of my life from Mark.

The End

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