Sparx: And Don't Come Back!

I returned from the forest grinning like a maniac, licking the blood from my fingers and looking thoroughly pleased with myself. Forget rabbit, there had been venison on the menu tonight!

Letting out a satisfied burp, I looked up at the Hunter Hotel, ambling casually along the path and watching the shadows dance on the roof. There was something funny by the window, but I couldn't quite see what it was.

Then, as I got closer, I started to sense it's evil power. I snarled. Whatever that thing was, I didn't like it. And things I don't like don't tend to last very long.

With an angry shriek, I leapt into the air and gave the thing at the window a good solid kick in the face. It howled and dropped back, letting go of whatever it had in it's claws. I didn't pause to find out what it was, I just focussed on giving the monster a good hard walloping. Claws, tail, legs and fists, all were employed to send the creature running off through the night like a scare dog.

"And don't come back you skanky mange-bag!" I yelled after it.

Oh yeah. Who's badass?

The End

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