Jane: Got something in commen

I sigh.

"Jerk" I hiss.

"Yeah he is" the girl says stepping out.

"Seems like we've got something in common" I say. "Jane" I offer my hand and she takes it in a firm shake.

"Tasmia" the girl says.

"If you'll excuse me I'm quite tired" I mutter gesturing to the door.

"You're a shapeshifter ain't you?" Tasmia says.

"Yeah" I say nodding.

"That's why the vampire interested in you" she says tilting her head.

"Yeah which gives him an extra quality, he thinks he can have all he wants"

"I think he want's more than your blood" she mutter before disapearing into the shadows.

I feel my heart race and then quickly make my way to my room.

I fall on my bed and stare at the ceiling.

'I think he want's more than your blood' The words echoed in my head and these were my last thoughts as I fall asleep.

The End

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