Regan: Girlfriend

"I just saw the hotel and thought I'd take a look!" the Shadowbeing pleaded, "My name is Tasmia". She slipped out of my grip and stepped back into the shadows. "May I inquire what your name is?"

I ran my eyes over her before speaking. "I'm Regan. I'd say it was nice to meet you but then I'd be lying. You haven't seen a blonde girl around, have you?"

"No, I only just got here".

"God damn it, Sola".


"It's not important. So how did you stumble across this place?"

"Um, I just found it.  I was-"

"You should introduce yourself to the others" I cut in.

"Regan?" Jane said, raising her eyebrow at the scene before her.

"Oh, hi Jane, I was just about to introduce you to my new girlfriend, Ta-"

"Girlfriend? I don't think so!" Tasmia shouted and disappeared into the shadows.

"If you're trying to make me jealous-"

"Yeah yeah, it won't work, I get it. Have you seen Sola?"

"Not since you bit me" Jane said harshly.

I growled and slipped past her. "And Jane, you know I always make you jealous" I said, blowing her a kiss and heading downstairs.

The End

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