Regan: A Shadowbeing?

Jane vaulted over my head and greeted the soul-eater after Mark introduced himself. She was too eager to meet what could potentially be the death of her. Sure I could kill her but that would be stupid. It wasn't just her blood I was interested in.

"You see him" Jane says.

"Yeah" the soul-eater mutters, though she sure as hell knows I can hear her. I don't like her this close to Jane.

"That's my problem".

"The fact he's protecting you like his meal?"

Stupid soul-eater, getting involved in things they don't understand. I overheard her name was Aura and grumbled my own name at her before something other than Jane crossed my mind. Sola. What's to say the soul-eater didn't have a taste for humans. Sola might be able to kick some serious undead ass she wouldn't stand a chance against a soul-eater. I raced up to our shared room. She wasn't there. Don't tell me the damn soul-eater had gotten her already. No, I'd be able to tell if she were dead. For starters I'd be in unbearable pain. Well, as long as she wasn't dead I was happy for her to be missing. Wait, no I wasn't. What if she got herself killed? Stupid human. Stupid bond. Argh, stupid soul-eater!

I shut the door and walked through the shadowy hall. I wasn't alone. Something was moving in the shadows. With the speed and precision I'd been taught by my sire, I reached out and felt my hand connect with a thin throat. I pulled whoever it was out of the shadow and saw a young girl with silver hair struggling against my grip.

 "I have got a mood worse than death right now so you better tell me who you are and what the hell you're doing" I growled.

The End

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