Sparx: Bored

The soul-eater watched me intently, giving me a  small smile before Jane decides to introduce herself. I grin, finally someone interesting! Perhaps she'll prove to be less of a stiff than the rest of this lot.

But I'm not going to let my guard down. She'll probably eat my soul at a moment's notice given the chance. I'll have to keep my guard up.

However, as all the commotion died down, I predictably grew bored. With a wide yawn, exposing my pointy teeth in the process, I slunk over to the door and called to the group:

"Well, not that this little soiree isn't incredibly thrilling, but I'm hungry. Gonna go find a rabbit or something. Be back later!"

With that I pulled the door open and ran off, streaking away towards the small copse of woods nearby. I'd contemplated asking if anyone wanted to come with me, but decided they would only slow me down.

I wanted fast food.

The End

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