Sparx: Dispelling the Disguise

I watched the soul-eater from my corner, subconsciously furling and unfurling my wings behind my back and flexing my fingers nervously. I still hadn't gotten used to the disguise and I was beginning to wish I could reveal my claws.

Not that they'd do much good, but it would still feel better to know I could use them.

A barbed tail might be fairly useful too...

Oh what the heck, may as well. These people are strange enough anyway. I doubt they'd care too much. And if they do, well, they'll have to put up with it.

Gradually, I let the disguise fall away. Two sets of short, pointy claws appeared where my illusionary fingernails had been and a long whippy tail protruded from the back of my jeans. I'd cut a small slit there earlier to stick it through if an occasion had arisen. This was that occasion.

Again, no-one really noticed the change. They were all watching the soul-eater, who had asked for our names. I played sphinx and kept my mouth shut.

This could get interesting...

The End

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