Jane: No more

I turn and begin my way back up stairs. I turn to see Regan following. I go to my room leaving the door open. I hear it close and turn to face Regan arms folded.

He smiles and leans back against the door. "I'm not letting you drink no more"  I say serious.

"Ever?" he says raising an eyebrow. I look down at the floor a bit embarassed. "Ahh, so you did enjoy it?" he mutters walking closer.

I look up and he kisses me. He leans me back arm round my back and his other hand in my hair.

I groan and wrap my arms around his neck. Oh, this is so stupid. Regan's pull back a inch.

"Enjoyable?" he whispers and I feel his breath on my lip. I shake my head and force myself out on his arms.

"Get out" I choke. "No more, Never again. GET OUT!"

Regan looks slightly angrily as he slowly retreats out the room.

The End

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