Jane: Love or Lust

I wake up a small pain in my neck. But a feeling spread through out my bones I'd thought I'd never feel again.

I sigh. I had allowed Regan to drink my blood and luckily he had held back his venom. I reach up and touch the small pinprick scars. I wince.

At least they'll be gone in a few secounds. I hear a new voice down stairs and get up. My body is now fully healed and I walk lightly along the hallway and down the stairs. Regan turns to look at me and a faint smile tugs at his lips.

Now he's got what he want's he doesn't seem as arrogant. Well, of coarse he's not. He was probably still hungry.

That human doesn't seem to know how to keep his thirst down. I look around see Sparx, Mark then a young girl I don't know.

"Um.... Tallie this is Jane?" Mark says introducing me.

"She's a shapeshifter" Tallie says quietly. I blink.

"How can you tell?" I ask confusion hinting in my voice.

"Well, I met some on my trip but they were wild and you all seem to have silver or silverish eyes" she mutters. I raise an eyebrow.

Usually no one notices that. "Well, done for noticing" I say smiling and she happily smiles back hugging Mark.

The End

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