Sparx: Am I Interrupting Something?

I came stalking downstairs several minutes later, my anger cooled off, even if the injury was still sore. I'd get Regan back when the time was right. I knew better than to rush into these things. A three-thousand year long lifetime is more than long enough to learn these tricks.

However, when I came downstairs, I got the shock of my life.

There was Mark, locked in an embrace with a girl... a human girl! I looked at Regan, momentarily forgetting my grudge. He shrugged and I turned my attention back to Mark and the girl, who had now stepped apart slightly. I took a half-step backwards, grimacing. Romantics had a nasty way of making me feel rather uneasy.

"Erm, sorry. Am I interrupting something?" I said awkwardly, chewing my lip and feeling like an utter nimrod.

Eugh. Romance.

Hand me the sick bucket.

The End

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