Tallie: A Warm Welcome.

I sat there, crying. Where was Mark? The way that those Suicidals took him- I couldn't bare to think about it. I had been following his sent for as long as I could. I looked up, and that was when I saw it. Hunter Hotel. I frowned. Wasn't Mark a hunter? I walked in.

"Uhmm, hello?" I said timidly, just as someone moved in my periphible vision. I whirled around.

"Oh, hey." A man said to me. He was quite tall, and obviously a Vampire. "I'm Regan." He introduced himself.

"Uhm, Tallie." I shook his hand.

"Nice name." He commented.

"Thanks you." I almost whispered.

"Regan!" A familiar voice shouted. Mark. I breathed a sigh of relief. He seemed to see me, but not for long enough to know who I was.

"Oh, hello. I'm Ma-" His mouth pooped open as he looked at me in the face.

The End

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