Jane: Permission granted

I sat whistling trying to hide my fear. I'd seen that happen a billion times before.

Regan was way more of a handfull though. May had gone into his room and shouted at him. I'd heard it all.

"You almost killed her"

"Ha, don't you mean Mark did? Besides Shapeshifters can only die by being burnt to death in their human form"

"Your an idiot and leave her alone"

Then she had slammed the door and gone down the stairs. Sola had gone in later and said he could leave the room but wasn't to even put a finger in here unless given permission.

He was wandering outside. Everyone was back and asleep. I couldn't sleep myself, to much energy.

Regan knocked on the door. "Get lost" I called.

"Please Jane" I felt something in my mind.

"Get those fricken emotions out of my head" I shout. He can do that see, takes alot of power but he can do it.

"I'll stop if you let me in" he mutters and my heart start to go cold.

"Fine come in just stop" I shout. The door opens and Regan steps in. He smiles and tries to attack but I vault over his head. I turn and he pulls me into his arms forcing his lips on mine.

I freeze and quickly rgain my senses. I hit him straight across the face and he rolls across the floor. Getting up in a starting sprint stance. He has a smile playing on his lips.

"Just like old time" he mutters. Then it's hits me. This was how we met. He takes my shock to grab hold of me and sink his teeth into my neck.

But this time I don't scream.

The End

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