Regan: Servant?

The thought of Jane's blood being in the room next to me was almost too much to bear. I paced around the room, trying to think of ways to counter Sola's order. Stupid human. She always works out orders that I can't counter. The scent of the other vampire, Mark, changed. A scent familiar from my vampire youth: bloodlust.

"Regan, help!" Jane pleaded.

I punched the wall. Jane was mine. Mine! That Mark wouldn't get his hands on her blood. "I'm not allowed out!" I shouted more to myself than to Jane.

"Oh, well you're useful!" she shouted back.

Mark's scent changed back to normal. I almost wished he had bitten her, it was no less than she deserved. She could deny it all she wanted, she was still my property. I was still her master. A servant shouldn't defy their master. Or else they should be punished. That's what I'd do, wait til everyone calmed down about what happened and then punish her.

Was I really Sola's servant? Granted I have to do whatever she says and call her Mistress, but am I really her servant? Her slave? She never once raised her fist to me, even when my behaviour was beyond unacceptable. I don't even remember her capturing me. Wait, didn't I know her when...

I growled at my own reflection. "Let me out of here!" I roared to no one in particular.

The door opened and someone that was neither Sola nor Jane entered...

The End

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