Sola: What An Idiot

Jane wasn't doing too good. And Regan, acting all innocent, just watches as she struggles against his venom. The telekinetic lost her grip on him and he landed gracefully on his feet. Mark was by her side in seconds.

"Get him away!" Jane screamed.

"The is your fault, idiot" Mark hissed.

"Get out, Regan" I hiss but it was no good. Jane's blood had given him the power he needed to defy me if only for a few minutes.

I grabbed his collar and dragged him down to our room. He knew what was coming next. As often as I threatened him, I'd never actually hit Regan. He was the closest thing I had to a friend. He sat on his bed and awaited my verdict. There were tons of ways I could punish him. I could order him silent until further notice, I could order him to slowly drive himself insane, anything I wanted.

"Regan, you will stay in this room until further notice. Understood?" I said with a tired sigh.

"Yes, Mistress" he said with an equally tired sigh. He wasn't tired out, though, just tired of the compulsory response "Yes, Mistress".

I lay back on my bed and let out an irritated moan. I felt something touch my hand and looked up to see Regan wrapping a bandage around where he'd bitten me. Luckily he'd used up his venom on Jane, though it would leave a scar. He went back to his bed once he'd done this. The bandage made me think of someone. I grabbed a first aid kit from the bathroom and headed back upstairs. Sparx was sulking in his room, just as I'd expected him to be.

"What do you want?" he said sulkily.

"Just be quiet and don't figet" I said, sitting opposite him and putting down the first aid kit.

He looked confused. I rooted through the kit until I found some antisceptic wipes. There was quite a bit of blood down the side of his face, which I cleared away with the wipes.

"Regan won't apologise to you, he's too stubborn. And frankly there's enough hating in this place right now so...I guess this is my way of apologising. For Regan" I said, finally finding the cut through the blood.

Sparx moaned as I cleaned the cut. "Oh, stop moaning," I said a little harshly, putting a plaster over the cut, "This is me being nice, enjoy it while it lasts".

"You nice? Yeah right" he said, prodding the plaster.

"Watch it, demon" the evil glint had returned to my eye.

And that's when Jane screamed.

The End

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