Jane: Tranforming gone mad

"She's flipping out" I hear May the telekentic shout. I scream and the pain in my neck burns.

"Oh shoot" Mark hisses. I feel hands on my shoulder shaking me.

"Jane" Mark shouts. I take a deep breath then scream my body thrashing. I hear someon hit a wall.

"What's happening?" Regan's voice echo's

"Get him away" I scream trying to control my body.

"This is your fault idiot" Mark hisses."Jane, the venom's not far I can get it out"

"Get him out then the flipping venom" I shout.

"Get out Regan" I hear the human hiss. I really should learn her name.

"Ready?" Mark whispers. I nod my head. Then I feel his fangs sink in but..... it's more pleasent than it has ever been.

The End

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