May :

I walk into the room. The first thing I see is Regan sleeping on the floor. Then Sparx in the corner with a huge sized dent in the wood, staring at Regan with an angry expression. And Jane with a wound in her neck. I decide to scream.

"WHAT THE-" I begin. Suddenly, Jane kicks Regan awake and then runs upstairs. What is going on with those two?

Regan blinks a few times before standing up.

"Where's Jane?" he asks.

"Upstairs," I reply, "But don't go, you should leave her alone." He starts walking towards the stairs anyway. I think he is pestering her way to much. I use my powers to lift him a little off the ground. I was still working on it and he was really heavy. But fortunately he was off the ground.

"What are you doing?!" Regan says, trying to walk and getting nowhere. "Put me down!"

"Then leave Jane alone. Why do you keep following her?" I say.

"Fine! Fine! Just put me down, this is creepy." I do, and he stares at me then walks away.

"Stalker," I mutter, then I go upstairs to find Jane.

The End

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