Sparx: Stinking Leech...


I yelped as Regan flung me across the room, marvelling at his surprising strength.

The marvelling turned to death-thoughts when I collided with the door. To be honest, I was surprised I didn't go straight through the damned thing. The velocity I'd been travelling at had been truly alarming, even to me!

As it was, I just left a nice demon-shaped splat mark in the wood.

I snarled and rubbed my jaw. Regan's clout had evidently done some damage, my lip was torn as well as a cut to the side of my head. The door would also provide me with some nice big bruises to match. Ouch.

I scrambled back to my feet, one hand held to the scrape on my head and the other clenched into a fist at my side. No-one noticed me however, they were all too busy fussing over Jane and even when she ran off upstairs in a huff no-one bothered to turn around.

One word, I thought, spurn-ed. Sure you care about the temperamental shape-shifter but no-one gives a damn about the guy who just got flung into the door by a crazy pet vampire who's human is the biggest whinger on the face of the earth.

I'm gonna kill that stinking leech...

The End

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