Jane: Shock and lust

I slide to the floor and can't stand up. I can't take my eyes off Regan. The human walks over and tries to talk to me.

When she understands I'm not listening she gives me a good shake. I look up at her.

"Are you okay?" She asks.

"Fine..... they don't hurt" I say looking back at Regan's sleeping body. "I've just gone and got myself stuck again"

The human follows my line of sight and gasps when she realizes I'm staring at his teeth.

"Did you get him off in time?" Mark says walking in. The human stands up shaking her head.

"No, shes lusting" the human says. Mark walks over and kneels in front off me cutting my vision.

"Jane, snap out of it" I stare in to his face and here May walk in. She screams and I jump to my feet.

"What the -?"  May shouts. I walk over to Regan's sleeping body and kick him hard in the chest. He groans waking up.

I meet his eyes. I can't explain my feelings so I turn and run upstairs hearing shouting start behind me. I feel tears on my cheeks and at once I know it's not pain that caused these tears but loss.

The End

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