Regan: Stupid Sedatives

I don't remember Jane's blood being this good. I guess time really does add flavour. And I know full well she was enjoying this just as much as me. Sweet little Jane, always playing into my hands. She knows she still wants me. She needs me. If I can lose that damn Sola then, well, Jane'll be in for one hell of a ride. Hey, maybe Sola can tell me how the bonding things works before I kill her. Then Jane would have to give me her blood. I felt someone trying to pull me off by my shoulder. It was too strong to be Sola so I pushed them away with all my strength. The satisfying sound of wood splintering put a smile on my face. I turned back to Jane's throat and lapped up the blood that steadily poured out of it.

All of a sudden, Sola was on my back. She was the only person in the room capable of beating this and she knew it. Well I wouldn't let her have the satisfaction. I tried to reach Jane's throat again but Sola shoved her hand in my mouth as I bit down. One of the rules of our bond is that I'm not allowed to hurt her. And I'm guessing a vampire bite would hurt. I staggered back and tried to throw her off when I felt something stab into my neck. She jumped off and I started to feel dizzy. Stupid sedatives. At least I got a look at who I threw into the door. Sparx. And he was bleeding. Nice.

The End

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