Sparx: Whinging Human.

Paired off with the mangy human. Brilliant. Just what I needed.

I muttered irritably to myself as I raced off ahead of Sola, very soon losing her in the dust. It wasn't as if humans were actually capable of picking up any decent speed. She knew it, I knew it.

I thought it was hysterical.

Inevitably, humans being humans, she started to whinge at me. I wasn't listening to what she was saying, in fact I don't even know if she was really whinging in that sense of the word, but the sound of her voice grated on my ears (still slightly pointier than they should be, damn my innacurate disguise). I rolled my eyes and picked up speed.

If I was going to be stuck with her on every hunt, I'd sooner go to heaven and listen to cherubim.


The End

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