Jane: Stop following me

I take the stairs lightly and sigh turning on Regan. "Will you stop following me" I hiss through my teeth.

"How about go and swap stories with some other vamp pet" He leans against the wall.

"Oh, that's harsh" he says smiling.

"Why you little.." I try to punch him but he grabs my fist and forces his lips on mine. The moment he's done it he's gone.

I stare at thin air shocked. Please say I didn't just allow him to do that.

I feel something dribble from my lip and realize it's blood. The wound of corse has healed and I wipe the blood away.

I look down the stairs and see the demon smiling up at me. I glare then turn to head of into my room.

Great, mood lifted by a new person and a good nights sleep. Mood crashed by Regan's arrogant attitude.

The End

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