Sola: Be Nice

I was stood with my arms crossed, tapping my foot, when Regan appeared. If he thought he was getting a separate room, he was wrong. I wanted him where I could see him. He slunk into the room and avoided my gaze.

"Regan" I said sternly.

"What?" he snapped.

"Jeez, all I said was your name. So what was that all about with that girl?" I was being unusually friendly towards Regan and I hoped he wouldn't see through my plan.

"Long story".

"Regan, tell me".

Oh, don't you just love having a pet? If I tell Regan to do something (like getting me a drink, for example) he has to do it. "Just tell me the basics, though".

"Her name is Jane and she's my ex-girlfriend".

"You've got lust in your eyes" I smirked and he growled at me.

"What about you and the demon?" he growled.

"Oh, you can go ahead and feed from him. Arrogant little..." I stopped before I swore, something that I didn't like doing in front of Regan for some reason. Maybe it made me feel like I had more control.

Regan gave a smug little laugh before sliding in to bed. I heard him picking at his collar. Sometimes I wondered if it hurt him, sometimes the skin around it would look a little red, but then he'd just do something to piss me off and everything would go back to normal. I sat on the edge of my own bed, trying to see through the blackness in the room. Eventually I gave up and lay back on my bed. Regan hadn't fsllen asleep yet, his soft snores hadn't started yet. See, he was one of the rare types of vampire that actually need sleep.

"I heard what you said to here out there. I'm not ordering you yet because I want to see if I can trust you but please, be nice" I said, and felt sleep course its way into my brain.

The End

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