Jane: Wanting

Once I had finally got over my laughing fit I knew I was in trouble. As long as Regan was in the house I would have to watch my back more than ever.

Not only did he want my blood he wanted my body as well. I don't know why he choose me, their are hundreds of willing Shapeshifters out there ready to sell their souls to a vampire.

I watch as everyone decides to go to bed and I go off ahead first. I close my door and just as I'm about to walk away, there's a faint knock on it.

I open the door and glare at Regan. "What do you want?" I hiss.

"Nice hair cut" he says touching the end of my hair. I slap his hand away and a low growl comes from within his chest. "You bet a watch you attitude" he hisses at me.

"You don't control me here Regan" I hiss back at him. "Now go back to your owner like a good little dog"

I slam the door in his face. I hear him chuckle. "You know fighting will just make me want you more" he mutters before walking off down the corridor. I shake nervously.

Shoot, I've got myself a problem here.

The End

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