Sola & Regan: Arrival

Human hunters never last long. I suppose that's the advantage of having a vampire pet. I'm Sola. I've been a human for nineteen years and a hunter for fifteen. I'm not exactly tall and I'm a little skinnier than I should be. That can only be expected since I spend my days chasing after certain evil beasties. Blonde hair, lilac eyes (weird for a human, I know) and skin about as pale as a vampire's. And the miserable thing trudging behind me? That's Regan. Regan's I guess what you could call my pet. I caught him a long time ago and he still hasn't quite worked out to break the bond I put on him. He's got dark brown hair and the same lilac eyes as me. Judging by his looks, I'd say he was turned at about twenty two, maybe twenty three. He's about 6ft, putting him at around a foot taller than me, and has a permanent scowl on his face. At least he does when I'm around. There's a thick black collar around his neck which he's not allowed to take off. If he does it'll kill him.


Regan trudged behind me as we made our way to the Hunter Hotel. Regan and I had been tracking a pretty big coven and needed a base camp. He stubbed his toe on yet another stone and grumbled something at the rock.

"Keep up, Regan, I wouldn't want you falling behind" I said a little evilly and heard him mutter something.

"Watch it, Sola. The second I break free I'm so killing you" Regan said. His threat was a serious one. "Mistress" he added icily, just to be spite me.

And there stood the hotel. I couldn't see it too well in the dusk what with my pathetic human vision but I'm sure Regan got a good look at it. We headed through the doors and came face to face with a vampire, a demon and a...tiger?

The End

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