Sparx: First Impressions

I slunk up to the door of the Hunter Hotel. What a pathetic name for a place like this, I thought sardonically as I pushed the door open, my talons clicking ominously as I touched it. I snarled and shook my hand. The talons dissappeared. I sighed, sometimes being a demon had it's downsides. Constantly hiding claws, wings, horns and a set of long claws on each hand was a total drag.

Why I left the Underworld, I'll never know. I guess I got bored with the drudgery of day-to-day mortal tormenting. I guess I fancied a change of scenery.

I guess I was out of my mind.

Ah well, human disguises weren't hard. A few simple alterations and there you had it. Gone was the demon and here was the tall, bony adolescent male with a mess of black hair and pale skin. It was only the eyes I had trouble with. No matter how hard  I tried they blatantly refused to change colour from the bright crimson they'd always been. I usually ended up wearing dark glasses as a result of this.

Still muttering about nothing in particular, I scarcely noticed the vampire in the room. I raised an eyebrow at him and sniffed derisively.

Vampires at the Hunter Hotel?

How cliche.

The End

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