Jane: Bite me and your dead!

I look up at the hotel. Hunter hotel, owner Mark Blake.

Hiya, my name's Jane. I'm a shapeshifter. I have black shoulder length straight hair and silver eyes. I have been on the run for years from my Vampire ex-boyfriend.

I know you probably think it's strange I dated a vampire. Expecially since I have bloods running through my veins. In fact thats the reason he want's me.

Shapeshifter are immortal the day they turn eighteen and never run out of blood. I sigh. I know the owner of this hotel is a vampire but what choice do I have?

I want to help people and if this is the only way... Well, what choice do I have?

I reach out and knock on the door. A boy answers the door and when I see his eyes I can't help but feel scared.

"Bite me and your dead" I shout walking past him and into the hotel. Mark watches me shocked. I turn to face him and he stares at me blood thirsty but restraining himself.

The End

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