The Hunters.

If you want to join the group of hunters that is this story, just join by writing your name, and your history.

Mark; Chapter One: Seeing Things.

My name is Mark Blake. I am seven thousand, nine-hundred and sixty-nine years old. I am a Whisperer. Only one is born every thousand years, and that someone hunts down people- or things- that want to end the world. I can tell the future. i don't see anything; a voice in my mind tells me it. I won't know what anything looks like, or who's there, or anything, I just know what's going to happen. I hunt down these people; I like to call them Suicidals, and I kill them. I own a hotel- Hunter Hotel (HH for short). Anyone can join, as long as they want to rid the world of vermin like suicidals. I almost forgot to say, I'm a Vampire.

The End

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