The Hunter and the Monster (Exercise)

Exercise # 2

She sat by the fire, enshrouded by the illumination that grew from the hearth. Her expression was that of a sad smile, as if her son had left for travels. 

But this woman held a deadly secret. She was a creature of the night. A monster. Something that treated humans as mere food, and had no mercy, a cold-blooded predator that had been forsaken by God himself.

I had been tasked with hunting her down, so the countryside could relieve its woes - and ad tracked her to this cottage, dimly lit by a small fire, being mostly bare but for an occupied rocking chair in place in front of an ever-blazing flame. It was an ideal place for her kind, as the windows were boarded so that during the day, not a single ray of the sun's warm tendrils penetrated the cottage. In combination with the location, the cottage was truly a fortress, surrounded by high hills and quite a ways from civilization. 

She began to rock in the chair, back and forth, back and forth, the chair creaking each time. She knew of my presence, and was taunting me. I decided to try and make a point that I was nor afraid or taken aback.

"You foul creature, to send you back to hell would be an honor,: I said, with an edge of bitterness, smirking coldly.

She merely stopped rocked and elevated herself from the chair to turn and face me. She was holding an unidentifiable piece of meat, presumably human, and had blood strewn about her person. She smiled at me, and for one of the few times in my life thus far, I was afraid.

The End

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