The Humorlogue

Have some funny dialogue from real life or your imagination? Well here's the place to assemble it, or write it on the spot if you're feeling particularly creative.

(Note, this conversation actually just happened a few minutes ago. I felt inspired, lol)

Dad: [opens new mustard bottle and scowls] "They don't even fill this thing up. The factories have machines now and they program them to rip us off."

Me: "Soon the machines will be scooping our brains out of our skulls and putting them in smoothies."

Dad: "And I'll be the first to try them."

Me: "Ew, that's just wrong."

Dad: "Well, you started it. [imitates loud commercial announcer's voice] "Brain Smoothies! Guaranteed to make you smarter than the average flesh monkey!"

The End

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