How to Write If You Can't

Considering that I've gone through several rewrites of a chapter, this seems like the perfect place to show you the change music can do.

1. Set up a romance plot with a character you have never tried writing in your life.  Base it completely on a person you asked out and got rejected on.

2. Thus you feel you need to change the plot because you can't keep thinking about the rejection.

3. Listen to completely different music then you're used to.  French music works wonders here because you have no idea what you're listening to.

6. Listen to songs for days, getting melodies in your head.  This will guide your a place you didn't expect. 

7. Ignore all critics, they haven't read your draft, they haven't plotted for months on this chapter, so screw them.

Do all this if your thoughts are all screwed up! :3

The End

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